For most of us, a thesis project involved a huge, long paper and lots of sleepless nights.  For some, though — for instance, graduates of the College of Style at the University of Gothenburg — it requires the creation of a true work of art, with a bit of electronic function thrown in for kicks.  That’s a best explanation of the origins of Markus Johansson’s octopus lamp series, formally named “Cirrata.”  Made of corian, a primary motivator behind the series’ creation was the challenge of going beyond the parameters that most may well feel the material is restricted by.  Barely touching the ground with the tips of their tentacles, so to speak, the types are extremely lightweight, which is surprising provided their supply material.  In the finish, Johansson appears to have accomplished what he set out to do: take a developing material usually employed for a certain function (namely, countertops) and give it an completely new way of getting, illuminating interior spaces and sparking lively conversation along the way.  Whether you’re a marine life enthusiast or basically tend to appreciate a whimsical bit of rule-bending from time to time, a lighting series like this a single may possibly be just the point when you’re in the market for anything to spruce up your home.

picture 9844 Shed Some Light: The Octopus Lamp From Markus Johansson amazing ideas

picture 5834 Shed Some Light: The Octopus Lamp From Markus Johansson amazing ideas

Photo credits: Markus Johansson

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