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At very first glance this appears a lot more like a coffee shop than a laundromat, but I guess I would count on nothing at all much less when Pinkeye Crossover Style Studio in involved with the project. For the Wasbar in Ghent, they have produced a cool and modern design and style for a laundromat. For any person who has ever had to use one particular, typically it is a dreadful knowledge. This resolution creates an environment where folks can come for a drink, do their laundry, meet up with friends or even get a hair reduce.

As for the functional laundry portion of this establishment, the washers and dryers line the walls. Each and every washer has been given the name of a grandmother and the dryers have been named after grandfathers. A good touch of nostalgia and surely far more attractive then the standard numbers you typically noticed on machines. There is also a separate folding space, so that you are not getting a drink with your friends and folding your garments at the identical table. It also preserves the unmentionable things for you, as opposed to sharing your option of sizes and types with your friends in the bigger open space.

picture 5042 Wasbar In Ghent Designed By Pinkeye office decoration

Several of the other fixtures and furnishings at Wasbar have been upcycled. Vintage furnishings has been offered a second life with a new coat of paint. There are lampshades made from coat hangers and colorful clothesline has been strung about in a playful manner. A collage of drawer boxes have been mounted to the walls to show data about washing cycles, costs, the menu, and hair care solutions. The colorfully tiled bar and general colour scheme once again harken back grandma’s days. There is even a piano if any individual has the urge to offer some entertainment. Everything has been made to be comfortable and cozy with a touch of nostalgia to contrast with the more isolating technologies driven society that we seem to be collectively moving toward.

This is in fact a fabulous solution for young experts and students. It is a community, not so unlike the corner coffee shop. We all want to wash our garments and Wasbar simply tends to make the encounter of visitng a laundromat a lot far more pleasurable. You can multitask while waiting for your laundry. Meet up with some buddies for meals, have your hair reduce or full tasks by means of their wifi access. The idea is easy and my guess is that it will be very powerful in drawing and preserving a devoted following. Wasbar in Ghent is the original, but they program to expand to other cities throughout Belgium. They are also thinking ahead with marketing and branding options, such as the sale of  sturdy laundry bags to carry clothes back and forth from house to the special launderette with their cool and fresh logo.

Wasbar is a fully new idea and I feel they are well on their way to making a brand all of their personal. The most recent news from Wasbar is that they are holding particular gatherings about activities such as knitting, flower arranging and even a “Creative with Cork” gathering. Perhaps Wasbar is joining the maker movement as well, or at least capitalizing on a lighter version of it.

Photos by Arne Jennard

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