Spicing Up Your Décor By Re Purposing Old Seats And Bar Stools decoration ideas Updating the décor in your residence or apartment to make it feel new and exciting again does not have to be a lengthy and arduous approach. In truth, adding a new look to any space in your property can be significantly less difficult than you might expect. Alternatively of spending countless hours hunting through furnishings or antique stores in order to uncover the proper piece that captures you style sensibilities, take a appear at what you currently have and re-purpose old or unused furnishings to add that stylistic pop that you have been hunting for.

A lot of times, in fact coming up with inventive designs and suggestions is the hardest portion of any significant modify to your décor. Carrying out the hands-on work to re-purpose the old furnishings is the entertaining and straightforward component. So, let us be of assistance in your in no way-ending battle to spice up your space with a handful of amazing tips on how to re-purpose old seats and bar stools, in order to get a far more luxurious appear in your house.

Old seats and bar stools – if you rebuild it…

A lot of times basically adding new fabric or even repainting an old seat or bar stool will do a lot to make old pieces of furnishings look and feel new once again. But if you are looking for a far more comprehensive redesign of your old chairs and bar stools, you can entirely gut them down to only their frames and build something entirely new and special.

  • Instant bench. One fantastic idea is to take two wooden chairs and spot them side-by-side. Attach a panel of wood underneath the seats to connect them collectively and you will create a stunning and unique-hunting bench with seating for two. Based on the variety of chairs you have or the appear you want, you could to change out the actual seating or backing to make the entire thing appear much more cohesive.

  • Funky shelving. Another entertaining notion is to remove the legs of a couple of chairs, hang them on your wall side-by-side, and use the old chairs as book or picture shelves. The design and style is meant to be a distinctive piece that you’re almost certainly not going to discover in any furniture retailer. It brings the perfect blend of rustic and artistic to your home décor.

  • Chair garden. One particular way to spice up your décor utilizing old bar stools is to replace the wood seat of the stool with a pan-shaped best that acts as a flower put, then add just add flowers to produce a flower or plant holder.

  • Back rack. If you are seeking for a enjoyable and distinctive design and style to liven up your bathroom, take the back of a wooden chair and mount it to the wall to use as a towel rack. The style may possibly sound weird, but with the correct chair, the concept could genuinely freshen up a bathroom space that may possibly be hard to style.

  • Coat/hat rack. One more entertaining notion is to cut a wooden chair in half, mount it upside-down on your wall, and use it as a coat or hat rack. The design and style will actually add uniqueness to your living space décor – not to mention be an interesting conversation piece at dinner parties and get-togethers.

The aim of re-making use of old furniture is to uncover a typical use for some thing in a entirely uncommon way. Coming up with the excellent design might require a bit of creativity, but that extra effort will only bring you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you tell friends and household that you developed and re-purposed your old furniture all by your self.

Keep in mind, any piece of furnishings can be re-utilised in an artistic and exciting way – you just have to have the vision to see it in a new light, and the adventurousness to go for it.

About the author: Lisa Steele has worked in the house and garden industry for over 15 years. During that time she has cultivated her own tiny business as effectively as written as a freelance journalist within the industry. When she’s not writing you can find her covering businesses like Seats and Stools.


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