Those of us with a thirst for understanding and who love our books may possibly claim an open thoughts and lack of judgment, but when challenging-pressed to name our preferred tomes, we’ll let loose a title or two.  There’s some thing virtually sacred about a favourite few books, and as such, folks with an eye for design have a tendency to pull them away from the rest of the pack and show them in a spot where their titles can be noticed from across the space, placed in a spot of honor, so to speak.  Add to that a handful of visually arresting relics, photographs or tschochkes and you’ve got a nice vignette going spot them all on some artful and angular shelving and it’s a full-fledged conversation piece.  San Francisco-primarily based designer Andrew Perkins has the excellent set of shelves for just such an arrangement: the Show Organic, spanning 23 inches wide and 41 inches tall.  Made of walnut and steel, the piece stands alone as a function of art, and when paired with art from one more medium, its appeal is broadened even much more. In Perkins’ personal words, “The progression of shelves allows the user to highlight specific objects and the size and color can be customized to any space.” His previous knowledge as a cabinetmaker clearly comes into play in the tightly geometric arranging and execution of the shelves, which sell for $1100.

display natural shelves by andrew perkins Sharply Stated: Angular Shelving From Andrew Perkins amazing ideas

picture 6937 Sharply Stated: Angular Shelving From Andrew Perkins amazing ideas

Photo credits: Andrew Perkins

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